From going plant-based to spending less and cooking more, here are some helpful tips for sticking to your New Year’s pledges.

You made ’em — you might as well keep ’em. We’re talking about New Year’s resolutions, those pledges of optimism you vowed to keep last week. But unless you promised a life of pure asceticism, you probably still want to go out and have a social life. You can make that happen, too.

We’ve taken a look at the most common resolutions and scoured local food and drink options to help you stick to them. Here’s a look at the people, places and dishes that will help make 2019 the year you actually do what you set out to do.

Resolution: I’m going to drink less/stop drinking altogether.
Solutions: There are lots of good reasons to cut back on alcohol consumption. But it’s pretty easy to feel embarrassed by that decision when you ask your server for a nonalcoholic option and you end up with a Shirley Temple — looking like a 10-year-old out with her parents. Fortunately, there are some bartenders in town who know how to mix a decent drink without the spirits. Rambler Cocktail Bar in Melrose has zero-proof drinks on the menu; Mason’s has a rotating selection of kombucha on tap from local High Garden Tea’s Folklore Ferments. (Kombucha does technically contain a negligible amount of alcohol, but it’s usually somewhere around 0.5 percent or less.) Meanwhile, both Henley and Stay Golden have mocktail lists that change with the seasons.