Classic Cocktails at Nashville’s Underground Cocktail Bar

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple. At Rambler, we don’t think that ordering a cocktail should require a dictionary. Waste. Of. Time. That’s why we made sure to include a variety of simple, classic cocktails on our underground cocktail bar menu – so that you can get right to sipping on your favorite drink without the fuss. Each of our classic cocktails are made with only 3 ingredients and are inspired by timeless favorites that guys like Ernest Hemingway and Frank Sinatra couldn’t refuse. Check out the stories behind your go-to cocktails.

Hemingway’s Go-To Drink: The Martini

People started serving up the martini in the 1870s, and when it first made its way into the bars, the recipe was very different than it is today. The original martini included cherry liquor and a quarter slice of lemon. It was a big hit with Ernest Hemingway, which of course, fueled its appeal with the American public. Sounds good, right? Well, not as good as the modern version. The modern Martini uses a simple mixture of vodka or gin, dry vermouth, and orange bitters. This is the version we serve up at Rambler, because frankly, it’s better.

This Drink Is The Bee’s Knees

The Prohibition-era put alcohol on the government’s “off-limits” list. A pretty dark time in American history, if we do say so ourselves. However, thanks to the banning of alcohol, we were introduced to some of the best drinks brewed up by a group of lawbreakers. Take The Bee’s Knees, for example. The gin cooked up during the Prohibition era was crude and tasted terrible, but hey, it was alcohol. Everyone wanted to drink it, but no one wanted to taste it. To combat the unpleasant flavor, people added honey and lemon – and it worked! The combination was such a big hit that the cocktail could be found in every speakeasy then, and it’s on our cocktail menu now. 

The Record-Breaking Cocktail 

Aperol Spritz may have been created in the 1900s, but no one really cared about the drink until the 1950s. Then it got popular – like, really popular. In 2012, over 2,500 people in Venice got together and set the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Aperol Spritz Toast.” Needless to say, we’re a fan, and that’s why we serve this record breaking drink in our cocktail bar.

These famous cocktails can be enjoyed right here in Nashville at our Melrose cocktail bar. Grab a date, or a group of friends, head over to The Sutler Saloon, and duck underground – we’ll have the cocktails ready. Not sure what you’ll be drinking? Check out our cocktail menu and ask the bartender for some tips – they’ll be able to help you find your new favorite drink.