When you’re in Nashville, explore these Hip and Hidden Bars around town. Whatever scene you’re looking for, you’ll find something that fits your style that you didn’t know existed. From tiki tropical-themed bars to bright neon lights, we’ve got 19 places to definitely add to your list.

We all know that Broadway is one of the best places to bar hop in Nashville, but there’s so many bars that are hidden. From cozy speakeasies to intimate lounges — you’ll taste some of the finest, creative and best craft cocktails in Nashville!

No matter the occasion, whether you’re having a Girls Night Out, Date Night or just trying to avoid all the Bachelorettes on Broadway, any Hip and Hidden bars on this list is a must-do no matter what area of town you are visiting in Nashville.

Rambler Cocktail Bar

📍 2600 8th Ave S. #109 (Melrose)

This vibrant neon cocktail bar lives underground at The Sutler on Melrose. I’ve always known about The Sutler Saloon, which is why I was confused when my best friend took me here.

The Rambler Cocktail Bar is an upscale lounge with modern plush seating. Following their slogan, this was one of the “hard to find, easy to love moments.” They have signature cocktails that are amazing (especially the Jamaican old fashioned). There’s also a dance floor where you can unwind and dance with your friends. The music never disappoints either, so that’s a bonus.

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